English @ Ease

English @ Ease

English is a useful and necessary language to know, as it’s the official language in a large number of countries. Even though it’s one of the subject children learn in school, fluency in English is must as it enables students to communicate with any problem. It is the dominating language that has the widest reach as well impact in all the fields.

JCC gives a comprehensive methodology for students to improve their English proficiency. It comprises of numerous practice sessions like listening, speaking, reading and writing. We conduct engaging classroom trainings to solve the pronunciation problem for various words.

What we do

Nowadays English in one of the corporate language spoken worldwide. Hence to solve English Speaking problems JCC provides English training program from the school level itself. Thus we ramp-up students English skills. Jcc’s Methodology of teaching consists of three stages namely foundation, functional and fluency. It will surely increase the English knowledge level of the students from their elementary level. This command over the knowledge will definitely increase their self-confidence and personality as well.

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