Eyeris Device

Eyeris Device

Learning does not just occur in the formal classroom setting it breaks all barriers of time and physical location over the last few years. Today, a learner can access most complex subjects from home with a regular desktop or laptop computer (or even a Mobile device) and network connectivity. By leveraging technology and its latest developments, one is able to go even farther by engaging in classes on line from any remote location.

The latest development that makes teaching and learning interactive whether inside a class room or online is the device. The traditional way of learning using projected videos or animations for learning is fast getting replaced by the interactive capabilities of the device called EyeRIS which makes it possible for a teacher or trainer to intervene while the video or animation is in progress, extract a shoot of what is on display and proceed, magnify the image and explain the intricacies of the design to make the student understand.

More, all this can be done by tutor or trainer without moving away from the board or screen, as the scanner converts it into a touch screen, enabling the tutor or trainer to just move things across the screen, drop or remove any application. While all this is on, the scanner also facilitates temporary saving of each session and a set of such sessions is archived as a single file to be retrieved for future learning or reference. This device is fast replacing conventional learning methods using power point presentations or browsing from the net. In addition to such functionalities which facilitate ease of learning, the device also make searching on the net a lot more specific and focused thereby avoiding unnecessary distraction of the class progress.

JCC offers this technology to facilitate virtual class rooms and distributed class rooms. Both these throw open a wide range of options for learners to choose the subject of their choice from a source which they can choose, irrespective of latter's physical location.

In effect, we are shrinking the learner-teacher gap and making it very simple and straight forward..!! This is going to revolutionize online learning like we have never known before.

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