Faculty Development Programme

Faculty development programme

One of most crying needs of schools is the adequate supply of quality teachers who show more innovative ideas in teaching. With ever increasing attrition levels, schools find it very challenging to keep up the quality of faculty to ensure that the tuition process is not spoiled. This problem is solved by providing high quality training in the emerging areas.

Due to the faster growing educational systems, faculties need to remain updated about the subjects they teach. JCC helps the faculty members to gain more knowledge about the subject &deal with the rapid changes and shifting paradigms.

What we do

Job Connect Consultants work with a panel of CBSE accredited Master Trainers, who are authorized to impart training to teachers in CBSE affiliated schools. They provide regular training sessions for the faculties & are open to offering the training not only to CBSE schools but also to, others such as ICSE, State Board and Matriculation schools.

The training structure comprises of 5 to 6 modules covering a wide range of teaching and education management skills including counselling roles for teachers. This training usually takes place once annually either at the beginning of the academic year or at the end.It has been founded to be the very interesting& rewarding by the respective school managements and participating teachers.

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