Foregin Language Training

Foregin Language Training

JCC has teamed up with an eminent company Fervidussoft to impart Technical Japanese language training to the college students. Japan is the developed country in the world, whose contribution to different sectors from fashion technology to Information technology is vast and wide. As business opportunities in Japan are abundant, to thrive in Japan culture, Japanese language is most important.

We train the interested students in Japanese language and give them an insight on career opportunity in Japan. Backed by a team of highly skilled instructors, we focus on improving students conversational skills through extensive use of audio-visual aids and other state-of-the-art teaching materials.

JCC helps Fervidussoft in organizing Educational tours to the Japan for school students. These tours are aimed to have a cultural exchange between the Indian and Japanese students. These tours also help our Indian students; understand the importance of Japan market.


  • Students understand the contribution of Japan to the world economy
  • Learn the opportunities in Japan.
  • Can prepare themselves to have a good career in Japan.
  • Learn the culture of Japan
  • Learn different successful Japanese techniques which in future can be implemented or practiced in their own business or employment.

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